Monthly Crime Report Art

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Crime at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln decreased by 34.5% from 139 reported incidents in January 2019 to 91 reported incidents in January 2020.

Disturbances of the “other” category had 15 reports in January 2020, and welfare checks had eight reports. Both categories increased from January 2019. 

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Police Department received a report of two UNL students seen carrying traffic signs on Jan. 18, according to John Backer, police operations captain for UNLPD, and the UNLPD Daily Crime & Fire Log.  

When UNLPD officers contacted the students, the pair said they received the signs from another source, which the officers found to be true, according to Backer. Officers are currently working to find the source of the signs, and Backer said UNLPD doesn’t know where the traffic signs came from because the signs are replaced as soon as they are noted missing to ensure motorist safety.

In January 2020, disturbances of the “other” category, not including wild parties and domestic disturbances, were the most frequently reported crime with 15 reports, an increase from 10 reports in January 2019. Backer said most of the reports in this category don’t end in citations, making it hard to put them in another category. 

Schramm Hall had the highest number of reported incidents in January with six reports. Backer said the majority of the reports come from where the highest concentration of students is. Additionally, he said students report to UNLPD more than UNL faculty and staff because faculty and staff only report university-related crimes, while students living on campus report everything. 

Minor in possession of alcohol decreased by half, from 12 reports in January 2019 to six reports in January 2020, and Backer said he wants to believe this is a result of students being more responsible about and educated on alcohol consumption. He said he hopes the reports of underage drinking continue to decrease. 

On Jan. 10, a UNL student reported she was scammed over the phone, according to the crime log. Backer said all the interactions between the student and the scammer happened over the phone, which UNLPD can’t trace. The case is closed, and Backer said UNLPD is working with the student to ensure her information is protected in the future. 

A student from a high school outside of Lincoln reported receiving disturbing text messages while ice skating at the John Breslow Ice Hockey Center on Jan. 25, according to the crime log and Backer said it was an ongoing issue the student had. UNLPD contacted the police department with jurisdiction of the situation and helped the student with safety planning. 

On Jan. 31, A UNL faculty member reported receiving a package missing its contents, according to the crime log. Backer said UNLPD checked with the UNL post office and found the package was received with its contents missing. The faculty member reported this was not the first time they received already opened mail, and Backer said UNLPD is working with the department to secure mail and prevent future issues. 

On Jan. 22, a UNL student reported a pair of sunglasses valued at $224 was stolen from their vehicle, according to the crime log and Backer. The student located the sunglasses in his backpack, and Backer said the case is closed.