College of Rupublicans

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln College Republicans released a statement denouncing the ideals of Daniel Kleve, a student and self-proclaimed white nationalist.

Kleve’s views have recently come under fire after a video surfaced showing him discussing violence and the future of white nationalism in the United States.

In a statement from UNL College Republicans President Bailey O’Connor, she said the beliefs shared by Kleve are “reprehensible and contradictory” to the ideals of UNL College Republicans and the Republican Party.

“UNL College Republicans is an inclusive organization, and there is no room for hateful, racist, violence-promoting ideology within our chapter,” Bailey said in the statement. “Our organization has worked hard to create a respectable environment on our campus and we denounce any action that does not foster a campus culture free of violence.”

Bailey said Kleve is neither an active nor recognized member of UNL College Republicans. According to Bailey, Kleve only attended one UNL College Republicans meeting in fall 2017 and never became a member of the organization.

“Until the release of the video, we were unaware of the individual’s views and hate-group affiliations,” she said. “Those views and affiliations are not, and have never been, welcome at our meetings or any event that we promote.”

Kleve responded to controversy surrounding the video Tuesday.