The University of Nebraska Board of Regents will conduct its first meeting of the semester to reflect on 2020 and discuss new goals for 2021. 

The meeting will be livestreamed on Friday, Feb. 12 at 9 a.m. 

At the meeting, current Vice Chairman Paul Kenney will assume the role of chair. The Board will then elect a vice-chair, who will succeed Kenney as chair in 2022, according to the agenda.  

The board will discuss different items, including the establishment of the Center for Agriculture Profitability at the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, the maximum price of the expansion amendment of the Barkley Memorial Center expansions and renovations and reports on 2021-22 room and board rates across all undergraduate campuses. 

Previously, University of Nebraska-Lincoln room and board rates were approved to increase up to 3.0% annually for the 2020-21 through 2022-2023 school years. The board plans on lowering its 2021-22 room and board rates by 2.2%, according to the agenda. 

The rates were lowered in response to the pandemic, to ease some of the financial burdens put on students and to keep current students on campus, the agenda states. 

The hope for the Center of Agriculture Profitability at the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources is to bring together different departments to benefit the university according to the agenda. 

The program would cost $874,354 over five years. 

“There are no other programs, or organizational units, at the University of Nebraska or in the state of Nebraska with a comprehensive focus on research and education related to enhancing the profitability of agriculture in Nebraska,” the agenda states. 

The board will discuss the guaranteed maximum price contract amendment for the expansion and renovation of the Barkley Memorial Center at UNL. 

The project budget is $10 million and the current budget for design and construction is $7.2 million. Authority to approve and execute construction contracts over $5 million is reserved by the Board of Regents. The board will review and decide on the maximum price. 

After Friday’s meeting, the next meeting is set for April 9, 2021.