Snow on campus

Students walk through the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's City Campus in the snow on Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2019, in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s snow day policy will change for the spring 2022 semester, allowing professors to require students to attend online meetings or watch online lectures when weather does not allow in-person classes.  

The changes will be in effect by Jan. 3, 2022, for the start of the spring pre-session, according to the press release made early Monday morning. 

When in-person classes are canceled, the university will have the option to request that “instructional continuity plans” be followed. The plans, which should be outlined in every course syllabus, allow the creation of a system of remote education at the professor’s discretion. 

Such plans may include web conferencing or instructed course readings or assignments, according to the release.

Instructors should include information on what type of communication they will use to announce how students will conduct class on snow days. 

Students are expected to check for notifications for virtual classes or instructional continuity assignments. 

The idea of instructional continuity resulted from extreme weather conditions in the spring 2021 semester, which was already condensed due to the pandemic. The instructional continuity plan was initiated by faculty and academic requests. 

The Daily Nebraskan has reached out to the university for comment, but has yet to receive information.

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