The University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s fall 2019 semester will start on Monday, Aug. 26. Although UNL started on Monday, Aug. 20 last year, university registrar Steve Booton said starting on Aug. 26 is not abnormal.

The start date usually stays between Aug. 20 and Aug. 28, according to Booton. Booton said UNL is starting on Aug. 26 this year to ensure that UNL does not start too early.

“About every six years we have to move it back for a week again,” he said. “Otherwise it’d just keep moving back and eventually we’d be starting in July.”

Booton said the University of Nebraska system wants to ensure there are enough days in each semester for coursework and time to report grades. Additionally, the central administration considers holidays, such as Christmas, when they schedule a period of time for breaks.

The fall 2019 semester officially ends on Saturday, Dec. 14, and finals week ends on Friday, Dec. 20, according to the academic calendar. Additionally, the spring semester will begin on Monday, Jan. 13, 2020, and finals week will end on Friday, May 8.

During his time at UNL, Booton said he observed many students and faculty members adapt to the academic calendar, and he does not foresee any problems.