University Majors Fair Art

Students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln can discover the different majors and minors the university has to offer at the annual University Majors Fair hosted by the Explore Center.

The fair will take place on Tuesday, Oct. 8, from 12:30-2 p.m at the Nebraska Union Plaza.

Kelsey Yadon, a career advisor at the Explore Center, said the center holds the fair every fall to allow students to interact with representatives from every college on campus and individual departments.

Yadon said the center tries to make the fair as informal as possible to allow students the opportunity to interact with these representatives. She said UNL Career Services will also be at the event to talk to students who are uncertain about what they want to pursue.

“It can be hard to know who to approach and how,” she said. “[Having the event be informal] is a good way for students to be relaxed and feel comfortable.”

Yadon said she wants students to know that representatives from the colleges on campus are excited to interact with students and answer their questions.

“[The representatives] want to talk to students and know what they’re interested in,” she said. 

“No question is small or insignificant.”

Grant Holst, who represents the Explore Center in the Association of Students at the University of Nebraska, said he enjoys promoting events like the majors fair and finds them beneficial to all students, regardless of whether they’re undecided. 

“Representing the Explore Center through ASUN is really cool because I get to promote these sorts of events to students that I was once exactly like,” the sophomore biochemistry and Spanish double major said in a text. 

Holst said he thinks the center itself is helpful to students that are unsure of what they want to study and for those who want to explore all options before deciding on a major or minor.

“Events like [the majors fair] are a perfect example of this,” he said. “Attending the event again presents various opportunities that students can explore in searching for their future area of study.”

Jaden Roe, who represents the Explore Center in ASUN, said the fair is great for students who are undecided.

“They can go and see a lot of different options and different paths to go down,” the sophomore microbiology major said. “It’s a big benefit to be out there and see what other people are interested in.”

Roe said everyone should attend the fair, including students who have declared a major.

“It’s an event that benefits everyone at the university and creates a well-rounded, diverse population of students,” he said.

Yadon said she encourages every student to attend the event, regardless of where they’re at in their college career.

“Even if you’re interested in adding a minor to your degree program or thinking about ways you can customize your education experience a little bit more,” she said, “it’s still a great opportunity to talk to people.”