The University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s National Society of Leadership and Success held its first annual Quiz for a Cause at the Cottonwood Cafe Tuesday, March 29.

Proceeds from the trivia event went to St. Baldrick’s Foundation, a charity that funds research on childhood cancer.

When the UNL chapter of the society was founded last spring, it picked St. Baldrick’s as it philanthropy beneficiary. The society’s secretary, Carissa Weinand, helped pick the charity and organize the event.

“We decided we wanted to start getting involved within the community to kind of grow bigger as a society since we are so new,” Weinand said.

The society decided a trivia night would be a unique experience for students to raise money for cancer research.

“We decided that would be fun and different because a lot of Greek houses and other clubs on campus are really philanthropic as well, and there’s not really like a trivia night,” Weinand said.

One participating group included Lincoln residents Ben Wheeler, Kati Stauffer and Greison Viegert. They started going to quiz nights shortly before Thanksgiving.

“I talked them into it,” Wheeler said. “It took a while.”

The group continued to attend trivia nights about once a week.

“Each one of us has a specific thing we kind of can contribute,” Stauffer said. “So it’s just kind of worked for us as a team to do it. And it’s a lot of fun. And we get to see each other, so that’s nice.”

The group had previously been to quizzes at Ploughshare Brewery, and the host there suggested they attend Quiz for a Cause.

“When he mentioned it, we thought we’d try it out for a change of venue,” Stauffer said.

Quiz for a Cause allowed contestants to make a $5 donation to receive a cash prize of about $50 if they were part of the winning team. All of the donations went to the society’s account for St. Baldrick’s.

Weinand hoped the event would help St. Baldrick’s, as her grandmother passed away after a battle against lymphoma.

“Just knowing that there’s this foundation that people can get help though, because my family didn’t necessarily get that help, it’s nice to know that I can kind of give back to other cancer patients,” Weinand said. “Yeah, this is a trivia event, and it is all fun and games and that’s kind of how we draw people in. But ultimately, it is for the foundation, and it is kind of more than a trivia night.”