This story is part of a Daily Nebraskan New Student Enrollment special edition. 

One of the most important resources available to incoming University of Nebraska-Lincoln freshmen is the University Health Center.

The health center offers consultations, examinations, treatment and a variety of other services students can take advantage of.

The medical clinic also has several on-site specialists in optometry, gynecology, neurology orthopedics and other fields.

Inside the health center, there is a full-service pharmacy for students. There, students can transfer prescriptions, refill prescriptions and purchase hundreds of over-the-counter items such as cough and cold medicine and vitamins.

The University Health Center also has a laboratory where a variety of tests can be conducted. UNL students can receive tests such as a complete blood count test or a metabolic panel.

Students can also receive a wellness profile from the laboratory. A wellness profile shows total cholesterol, triglycerides, hemoglobin and glucose. Profiles are available to UNL students, faculty and staff.

Counseling and Psychological Services provides students with an outlet to deal with emotional and mental health. There is no charge for a student’s first three counseling sessions.

CAPS offers both individual and relationship counseling.

Students can speak to somebody about issues such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, grief and trauma and sexuality concerns.

This year, CAPS was allocated an additional $50,520 in student funding, which will allow for additional staff.

The additional funding will also allow the university to implement ProtoCall for $15,000. ProtoCall, an on-call service, will answer calls to the health center from callers in crisis when CAPS is closed.

The rest of the money will cover about 1,000 hours of work each year for casual CAPS employees, who will be paid by the hour.

CAPS also offers support and therapy groups. These support groups help students work through personal issues in a group setting and receive support from other students who are experiencing the same issues. Some of the groups are the Eating Disorder Recovery Group, Alcohol/Drug Harm Reduction Group, the International Student Support Group and Anxiety and Stress Management.

International students also have the opportunity to take part in both individual and group counseling sessions that are specifically tailored to address things they may be experiencing while away from home.

The University of Nebraska Medical Center acquired the University Health Center on Jan. 1, 2016. One of the major changes that came with the acquisition was the transfer of medical records from the University Health Center into the electronic database of Nebraska Medicine.

Associate Clinic Manager of the University Health Center Jeanine Soneson commented on the transfer via email.

“Nebraska Medicine is managing the University Health Center for UNL,” Soneson said. “Nebraska Medicine uses the EPIC electronic medical record system. The UHC is asking UNL students to sign a consent so that all of a student’s past medical records from the UHC are in one place.”

The EPIC software system will provide students with some new features.

“With the new EPIC software, there will be some types of appointments available for self-scheduling and a robust patient portal,” Soneson said.