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The University of Nebraska-Lincoln announced Sept. 4 that they are taking another step to address and reduce sexual assault, harassment and support victims of both sexual assault and harassment by creating a Title IX Collaborative Group. This working group is comprised of representatives from different organizations across campus such as Association of Campus Religious Workers, Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life and Big Red Resilience and Well-Being. The leader of the group has not been chosen.

The Title IX Collaborative will consult with the chancellor often to address Title IX concerns and violence prevention issues. 

“We must all work together to create a campus whose collective community members act to prevent sexual misconduct, including harassment or sexual violence of any kind. Over the past several months I have listened carefully to survivors of sexual assault and harassment who have courageously come together through their personal experiences to call for elevated University attention to prevention, advocacy and support,” says Chancellor, Ronnie Green. 

This group's work kicks off later this month and they already have a long agenda they intend to put into action.

They plan to review existing policies, make sure they are effective and decide if any adjustments should be made to them. Another agenda item is to take a look at different campus programs, interventions and services and addressing administration with possible changes if needed. 

The university provides services for sexual assault and harassment survivors, but the Title IX Collaborative aims to dig deeper and see how much these services impact survivors, and if there could be changes made to make a larger impact. 

The group is aware that there is a lack of knowledge surrounding topics around Title IX. They want to survey the campus to find out how many people on campus aren’t knowledgeable about Title IX and how many people go without reporting assault and harassment. Eventually, they want to work to reduce the percentages of uneducated people and the number of victims that go without reporting their assault or harassment.

Dear UNL, a group of students, faculty and alumni at UNL, advocated for Title IX reform over the summer. Representatives from the group said they believe the committee is a step in the right direction.

"We want to ensure that survivors are included in the conversation and that Title IX is following the UNL policies and procedures written in place," Dear UNL member Miranda Melson said. "Because from our experiences that is not happening and still needs to be addressed.”

This article was modified at 11:51 a.m. to clarify that a leader of the group hasn't been chosen.
This article was modified at 4:15 p.m. to add Dear UNL's comments on the Title IX Collaborative.