Teacher party

With hair done like Shirley Temple and clothing similar to middle-school-age children, University of Nebraska-Lincoln students attended an annual festival organized by the elementary education department. The event was held in 1938 in Ellen Smith Hall with the theme “kid party.” 

The party was held to give students and teachers within the department an opportunity to mingle. According to The Daily Nebraskan article released Nov. 10, 1938, each ticket for the event was 40 cents and purchased at the college. 

Entertainment and the skits made up a large portion of the night. For entertainment, the department hosted “Stop Beating Around the Mulberry Bush” and “London Bridge is Falling Down.” Skits such as “Mother Goose,” “Red Riding Hood” and many more also delighted the “children.” 

Judges for the funniest, prettiest and most original costumes were Miss Wilson, Miss Davis and Miss Mason.

The event was put together by the president of the Association of Child Education Betty Hillyer, who also acted as the head of the event’s committees.

Today, the elementary education department has shied away from events like this, but many students still enjoy their time there. 

Liz Bucholz, a junior elementary education major, said she found a home within the department. 

“I was undeclared for a long time,” she said. “Then I was music education before I chose elementary education. Having switched, I just feel like everyone in the department and the major has just been really supportive, and it’s a lot of fun people to work with.”

Although Bucholz is unsure what grade she would like to teach after graduation, she is passionate about the major and teaching future generations.

“As a major, I like that it’s about learning to be the best educators we can be and being role models for future kids in our classrooms,” Bucholz said. “I like the idea of being able to make a difference in the kids’ lives whom I’ll have in the classroom.”