Glow Big Red Art

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s annual Glow Big Red fundraiser will run from noon Wednesday to noon Thursday, but this year no campus buildings will be lit red.

The 24-hour event encourages supporters of the university to give and share testimonials of how the university has impacted them. Typically, buildings on all three UNL campuses and in downtown Lincoln are decked out in red lights. This year, the necessary equipment to create the glowing red buildings involve outdoor lighting systems that are unsafe to install in the frigid weather, according to Robb Crouch, senior director of public relations for the University of Nebraska Foundation.

Additionally, Deb Fiddelke, chief communication and marketing officer, said UNL will not be lighting any buildings due to power concerns, as recent temperatures have caused an unusual demand for power in the region.

Crouch said the most vital part of the event — helping the university reach its goal of 2,500 donations in just 24 hours — can still be accomplished with donations via the Glow Big Red website.

In celebration of the event, Chancellor Ronnie Green is providing drip coffee free of charge if individuals stop by the Nebraska Union Welcome Desk on City Campus or the Nebraska East Union Starbucks.

Supporters and donors are also encouraged to post on social media in support of UNL and the event.

“In helping an area of the university that matters most to them, individuals are also encouraged to share their story about why they glow for the university on social media using #GlowBigRed,” Crouch said in an email.