Glow Big Red Art

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln will ask the community to support the university’s Glow Big Red event in four fold this week: light it, fly it, wear it and give it.

According to Kristi Pease, UNL’s director for annual campaigns, Glow Big Red is a 24-hour giving back event that will start at noon on Thursday and go until noon on Friday. 

Pease said the event will feature seven different campus activities, most of them kicking off the second annual Glow Big Red. All but two activities are open to anyone who wishes to come, and some will include cookies, donuts and hot cocoa bars.

According to Robb Crouch, the University of Nebraska Foundation’s director of public relations, “light it, fly it, wear it, give it” is this year’s theme. The UNL community can support Glow BIg Red by lighting up their windows with red, flying a Husker flag, wearing Husker gear or donating to the university.

Apart from celebrating UNL’s birthday and showing Husker pride, Pease said the university is primarily focused on receiving donations from the UNL community, which includes students, alumni, staff, faculty and anyone who wants to support the university. Donations can be made through Glow Big Red’s website.

Donations can benefit many different places on campus and support different colleges or organizations, Pease said, but a majority of the donations go directly to supporting student scholarships. 

Last year, Pease said Glow Big Red had a goal of 1,500 gifts received. This year they have a goal of 1,869 gifts, in honor of the university being founded in 1869.

UNL will also light up buildings around campus to glow red in celebration of the university’s anniversary, hence the name Glow Big Red, Pease said. From Memorial Stadium to the Nebraska State Capitol, 21 buildings around campus and downtown Lincoln will be lit up red.

“I love seeing all the buildings glowing on campus,” Crouch said. “It's just so beautiful to watch all those buildings glowing in red.”

Since Glow Big Red is an annual event, Pease said the university will continue to do it for years to come and will hopefully continue to make changes to the campaign annually.

“I think what I would continue to make bigger is lighting up buildings around campus,” she said.  “But, also, just reigning in more money and getting more gifts every year is always the goal because that helps to have an impact on campus.”

Crouch said he hopes Glow Big Red will continue to grow in the future and become an event enjoyed campuswide.

“Every year, we want this event to get bigger and bigger and, as more and more people learn about it, it becomes a tradition on campus,” he said. “I think more and more people are going to be involved and look forward to the event every year, so that’s very enjoyable.”