SCC competition to name new cafeteria results in threatening messages

Southeast Community College’s competition to name a new dining spot became a medium for threatening messages toward the college campus. 

The college administration informed students via a text alert system about the situation on Wednesday. On Thursday, the administration informed students that these messages had been threatening in nature, but the Lincoln Police Department determined that they were not specific enough to warrant credibility.

One of the threats mentioned the date Friday, Jan. 31. The college advised that students use their own judgement to decide whether they would come to campus that day, which affects some University of Nebraska-Lincoln students.

According to Dacey Gaines, a sophomore business major who takes classes at Southeast Community College, the issue didn’t seem serious at first, but she’s now concerned after learning more information. 

“But then when they said to use your own judgement in deciding whether to come [Friday], that’s concerning because they’re not really expressing whether there were threats towards students, the faculty or the building,” she said. 

Gaines said she normally goes to campus on Fridays to study or do group work, but she will work from home tomorrow, even with the college having extra police stationed on campus. She said she feels especially concerned because the college is comprised of only one building.

“It’s definitely scary, given what has happened at schools throughout the U.S.,” she said. “Obviously [campus administration] is trying to take it seriously, but not as seriously as I feel like they should.”