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Student Involvement continues to highlight the work of recognized student organizations through RSO Week, Student Impact awards and workshops designed for student success despite many RSOs no longer meeting on campus.

Even though many students have left campus and many RSOs have had to adapt to virtual meetings, Student Involvement will celebrate the accomplishments of RSOs over the past academic year and look to the future during the week of April 13-17, according to Melissa Griffith Phelps, assistant director for student organizations.

“No matter what happens, student organizations are still an important aspect of the Husker experience,” she said.

The week will include three workshops offered to students via Zoom so students can translate their RSO experiences into career success, according to Griffith Phelps. 

The workshops include a Transferable Skills Resume Workshop on Monday at 4 p.m., a Social Media and Marketing Workshop on Tuesday at 4 p.m. and an Officer Transition Workshop on Wednesday at 3:30 p.m.

At the respective workshops, students can learn how to translate their experiences for employment, how to market and promote their organizations on social media and ways to successfully transition leadership roles in their RSOs, according to Griffith Phelps.

She said the Officer Transition Workshop was first offered last year for newly elected leaders and outgoing leaders, as well as advisers, to make the next academic year successful for their RSOs.

“This year we’re hoping to still have an open conversation,” Griffith Phelps said. “We’re still hoping to be able to facilitate a dialogue and focus on how to help the transition happen seamlessly, even though we’re not together in the same room.”

For seniors, graduating students or students not returning to their RSO next year, Griffith Phelps said the workshop will also provide an opportunity to discuss how to celebrate those students as the celebration can no longer be in person.

Through the open dialogue, Griffith Phelps said she hopes students can look to the future so they can pick back up in the fall. She said the effects of COVID-19 will continue, but the workshop on Wednesday will prepare students on how to look to their leadership teams to be successful next year.

Student Impact Awards, which were originally scheduled for Thursday evening, will now be announced on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday via Student Involvement’s social media platforms, according to Griffith Phelps. Each day, four awards of the total 12 will be announced.

Veronica Riepe, director of Student Involvement, said the more than 500 RSOs on campus offer programs and provide opportunities to students and the community, warranting a celebration of their efforts.

“It only seems right that at the end of the academic year we should highlight all that wonderful work and celebrate the impact our RSOs have on the UNL and Lincoln communities,” Riepe said.

Student Involvement wants students to be engaged and envision UNL as a vibrant hub, according to Riepe. By getting involved, she said students find opportunities to lead, enhance and develop skills and make a difference.

“One of the best ways that we can accomplish all of this is through RSOs,” Riepe said. “By all of us working together, being involved, UNL will become a vibrant hub.”

Even though students cannot physically be together, Griffith Phelps said her first thought when UNL began to adjust to COVID-19 was how to continue RSO Week. This week, Student Involvement will look forward to future success, despite the challenges students are facing now.

“We are a resilient people here in Nebraska,” Griffith Phelps said. “Getting up and getting back on the horse, after all of this is said and done, is exactly what our RSOs want to do, and it’s exactly what we want to make sure they do successfully.”