17th and R Parking Garage File Photo

The commuter parking garage pictured at 17th and R streets on Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2020, in Lincoln, Nebraska.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln students who no longer need to park on campus can return their parking permits and receive a prorated refund.  

Dan Carpenter, director of Parking and Transit Services, said students will need to return them by April 1 to receive a prorated refund that will correlate with the time remaining on their permit as of March 16. Permits returned after April 1 will receive a lower refund amount in accordance with the remaining time on the permit, as each day the parking permit decreases in value.

Students can complete a form and mail their attached permit or return it in-person to the Parking and Transit Services office in order to receive a refund.

“The campus is still open, and people are continuing to park,” Carpenter said. “We’re still operating, so if they’re not going to use it, return it as soon as possible.”

Refunds for parking passes are not new, according to Carpenter, and students and staff are always able to return their permits for a prorated refund. The difference is that Parking and Transit Services is offering the same prorated refund from March 16 to April 1 due to UNL’s COVID-19 precautions. 

Due to the reduced number of students on campus, campus parking areas will also reflect summer parking rules. Permits for areas for commuter, resident and East Campus students are interchangeable. 

Students with garage permits may park in commuter and resident parking zones around campus and students with perimeter permits may park in the parking area north of Harper, Schramm and Smith residence halls, according to the Parking and Transit Services website.

Parking and Transit Services may use the reduction in people parking on campus to work on maintenance and repair of parking and transit areas, according to Carpenter.