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The University of Nebraska has doubled employees’ emergency paid leave allowance to 160 hours, according to a statement Thursday.

In response to COVID-19, NU President Ted Carter offered up to 80 hours of emergency paid leave on March 14. The leave is for scenarios such as self-quarantine, childcare in the event of school closures and quarantine or care of an immediate family member. All employees, including student and temporary workers, are eligible for paid leave, and part-time employees are eligible to receive a portion of their pay. 

Additionally, Carter has found a way to add hours to the crisis leave bank, which is time off used by employees in crisis. 

NU employees can earn a maximum of 280 hours of vacation time, after which the hours stop accumulating. Effective immediately, any vacation hours employees would have earned had they not been at the 280-hour mark will be added to NU’s crisis leave bank. 

“This simple strategy, requiring no action on your part, will build a larger cushion for colleagues in crisis. And it aligns with our goal to take care of each other in a difficult time,” Carter said in the statement.

Employees are also able to donate any of their existing vacation hours to the crisis bank in order to help their colleagues.