The University of Nebraska Board of Regents will conduct its first in-person meeting this semester on Friday, April 9, to discuss a variety of topics, including changes to university programs, budget approvals and changes to the spring 2022 calendar.

Introduced in February, the board will discuss amendments to sections regarding rights and responsibilities of professional staff and extension personnel. These amendments will focus on academic freedom and add due process rights. Both sections will be amended to help clarify coordination between the university and related government departments, according to the agenda. 

Another section to be amended is in regards to policies involving investment of endowment and similar funds. Funds are held primarily in Fund A and Fund N. Concerns have been raised about how funds are being used and their involvement with fossil fuels. 

According to the agenda, the proposed policy is important to ensure that there is no use of energy companies that don’t use clean energy practices. 

The board is also set to discuss the approval of facilities program bonds authorized in accordance with the University of Nebraska facilities program. According to the agenda, approval is sought to authorize the execution of related financing and investments of funds of the university held in trust. The program's goal is to prioritize the state of university facilities. 

A proposed construction budget increase for Kiewit Hall at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is set to be a part of discussion. Kiewit Hall is a new College of Engineering building currently under construction.The original budget was set at $85,000,000 and the proposed budget is $97,000,000. The reason for the proposed increase is to accommodate enhancements to the construction and design. 

Changes to the Spring 2022 Academic Calendar for all University of Nebraska campuses have been proposed and will be reported to the regents. The proposed changes would modify the calendar for each campus' needs. 

According to the agenda, UNL will have an additional January session considered a module. There will also be different mini sessions offered worth 0, 1 and 2 credits. 

At the meeting, the board will discuss creating an 18-credit hour program for animal science management in the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, establishing a Bachelor of Science in plant and landscape systems in CASNR and introducing the first phase of the replacement of the outdoor track, according to the agenda.

With declining interest, the board is set to discuss the elimination of the Bachelors of Arts and Bachelors of Science in medieval and Renaissance studies program in the College of Arts and Sciences at the UNL. 

According to the agenda, there are currently only two students enrolled in the program and the university will continue to offer the program as a minor. 

The meeting will be held Friday, April 9 at 9 a.m. at the Nebraska Innovation Campus, and also livestreamed.