Halloween Hooligans

Despite what some may think of Halloween’s relation to increased criminal activity, University of Nebraska-Lincoln police department’s daily crime logs from the past 10 years show that crime on the last day of October is actually below average.

Oct. 31 has an average of 4.7 reported crimes, a number hovering just below the daily average of 5.2 in the same amount of time.

UNLPD Captain Jerry Plessel said while daily averages of all crimes may be lacking on Halloween, statistics do indicate an increase in intoxicated persons and minor in possession charges. 

However, he said university police does not expect Halloween 2016 to be any different than prior years.

“[UNLPD] officers do become more vigilant on Halloween, more for property damage crimes and minor in possession of alcohol violations,” Plessel said. “Beyond that, we do not see marked increases in reportable crimes on Halloween.”

On Halloween weeks from 2006 to 2015, UNLPD reported, on average, 11 substance abuse crimes and four criminal mischief offenses. 

Plessel said vandalism and trespassing violations do not generally increase on Halloween.

“We do see property damage throughout the year and on Halloween,” Plessel said. “So it’s not exclusive to the holiday.”

While the number of crimes may not increase, Plessel said instances of property damage can be stranger on the holiday. 

In 2011, the “image of a gnome spray painted onto a wall” was reported in the daily crime log the morning after Halloween at Manter Hall.

Within UNL halls, Associate Director of Housing Keith Zaborowski said a Halloween on Monday won’t cause chaos. 

“In general, we don’t see an increase in conduct on Halloween unless it falls on a Friday or Saturday,” Zaborowski said.

Zaborowski said housing would not assign a higher duty coverage and expects the holiday to pass peacefully. 

“Students usually make good decisions, and I hope that continues on Monday,” Zaborowski said.