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University of Nebraska-Lincoln students and faculty will soon have access to the new and improved Husker email.

According to the Huskertech Help Center website, all students at UNL will receive their own Husker email address in spring 2019.

The email changes will affect everyone who has an account, and it will be the primary email for all UNL communications to students and MyRED and Canvas activity, starting on May 20.

According to Amber Williams, assistant vice chancellor of Academic Services and Enrollment Management, this email change will have many benefits to students, like helping students not to miss important messages and announcements from the university.

This change will align UNL with the current practices of other campuses in the University of Nebraska system, as well as other Big Ten Universities and most other public universities, she said.

Williams said the new email will be more secure, and students will be able to receive information about their accounts, like bills, financial aid and grades, through the email instead of being redirected to MyRED.

Williams said the revamped email will help keep everyone informed and safer during emergency situations.

Heath Tuttle, assistant vice chancellor of Information Technology Services, said students will also have improved access to technology and collaboration tools through the new email.

With the changes, Tuttle said students can more easily access university library services and software, including Box, Zoom, Adobe Creative Cloud, Matlab, Office WebApps, Office 365 and Westlaw.

Tuttle said students who already have email accounts do not need to make any changes, but those without the email can claim new accounts after April 15.

“I am excited to make this change to improve communication, collaboration and services to students at UNL,” Williams said.