The Mill

The Mill announced this morning that its third location will be opening on the University of  Nebraska-Lincoln’s Innovation Campus, located at 2021 Transformation Drive.

The restaurant and coffee shop is set to open in three months, according to owner Dan Sloan. The new location is an idea that has been in the works over the last four months, Sloan said.

“The concept (of the shop) is different, we will be adding a good bit of food, beer and wine,” Sloan said. “The idea was more viable than we thought.”

The location will feature more grab-and-go items than being a restaurant with table service. Pastries, breakfast burritos and quiche will be available in addition to coffee for breakfast, and sandwiches, soups and salads will be available for lunches and possibly dinners.

Regional craft beer and cask wine - keg wine - will also be available for purchase, Sloan said. He explained that the alcohol will be able to be sold on UNL’s dry campus, because Innovation Campus is technically a private development. UNL owns the land that the campus is on, but a private company, Tetrad Property Group, owns the buildings.

The idea came about last fall, a when a friend of Sloan’s connected him to Josh Berger, Tetrad Property Group’s director of operations, who pitched the idea to Sloan.

According to Sloan, the location will be about 3500 square feet, roughly the size as the downtown location, and will include outdoor seating.

“We are riding the wave of expansion (of the Mill),” Sloan said. “We’re ready with a great staff and managers. It’ll be exciting. They need something like us there.”