Marty Fehringer

Marty Fehringer, former member of the Lincoln Police Department, is the new assistant chief of police at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Police Department.

Fehringer said he graduated from the University of Nebraska-Omaha with a degree in criminal justice. Shortly after graduation, LPD hired Fehringer, where he said he served for about 31 years.

During his time at LPD, Fehringer worked a variety of different jobs, including patrol officer, school research officer at Lincoln Northeast High School, detective, captain, criminal investigations captain and LGBTQ liaison, according to Fehringer.

Hassan Ramzah, chief of police for UNLPD, said Fehringer brings a lot of experience to his position at UNLPD. Ramzah said not only is his law enforcement experience valuable, but also his Lincoln and local experience. Fehringer’s different assignments within LPD is another point of value for UNLPD, according to Ramzah.

Fehringer said he wanted to be a science teacher and coach when he first went to college, but it was not what he thought it would be. His uncle was a police officer in Aurora, Colorado, and Fehringer said he thought being a police officer was something he could do.

“It’s the best thing I ever did,” Fehringer said. “I absolutely love it and that’s why I’m here.”

Fehringer’s wife works for the University of Nebraska Foundation and his four children all went to UNL and still live in Lincoln, according to Fehringer, so he was familiar with UNL before applying for his current position.

“I love Lincoln,” Fehringer said. “I consider Lincoln my home. I just really like the feel that you get from Lincoln and I like being part of the university community.”

Ramzah said he has known Fehringer for over four years through UNLPD’s working relationship with LPD. Ramzah said his first impression of Fehringer was that he was supportive, welcoming, personal and a professional.

“I know from my experience that he was somebody that was highly regarded within his department and with his law enforcement colleagues,” Ramzah said.

As part of Fehringer’s job, he is in charge of four different areas of UNLPD, which are patrol, support services, information technology and dispatch, according to Fehringer. Fehringer said patrol is what most people will probably see, which is the officers that are in uniform on the streets. 

Support services are the officers that are in investigations and who do a lot of the follow up work on some of the major crimes, according to Fehringer. Information technology is based on the technology that is in place on campus, things like access to buildings and security cameras, according to Fehringer.

Dispatch are the people who get the whole process started, Fehringer said, the ones you call for questions or to report an incident.

Fehringer said he wants to bring the experience that he has to his position at UNLPD. Also, he wants to bring other qualities he has to his position, like being a good listener, being approachable and having good communication skills. 

“I really feel like I can’t get better unless I’m willing to take feedback from people,” Fehringer said. “It’s part of the job. We always strive to do better and that includes me.”