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Two people were killed in a car crash early Thursday morning after losing control and striking a tree near South 27th and Sewell Street. 

An officer with the Lincoln Police Department confirmed Thursday that a black 2017 Chrysler 300 was driving at a high rate of speed before it lost control. The car had extensive damage, and as officers approached the vehicle, a fire erupted and engulfed the vehicle in flames.

Officers attempted to extinguish the flames and extract the occupants from the vehicle. They were ultimately unable make an extraction and extinguish the fire in time due to the damage and danger created by the flames, according to LPD. 

Both occupants of the vehicle were pronounced dead at the scene.

Thursday afternoon, one of the occupants was confirmed to be Christian Miller, a junior wrestler at Nebraska, according to a statement released by the Nebraska athletic department.

Nebraska athletic director Bill Moos and wrestling head coach Mark Manning also issued statements within the release.

"This is a tragic and devastating loss for everyone who knew and loved Christian," Manning said in the statement. "My thoughts are with his family, and I pray for them in their time of grief. Christian was a young man full of energy with a bright future ahead of him. As the father of four myself, I struggle to process someone being taken from us at such a young age. It will take time for us to begin to heal as a wrestling family. We will promise to bond together as a team to honor Christian's memory by living life to its fullest and competing as hard as possible on the mat." 

Last season, Miller earned a 12-3 overall record and won titles at the UNK Younes Hospitality Open and Hastings College Open. 

Two officers also sustained lacerations at the scene, but no serious injuries were reported. The other occupant has not yet been publicly confirmed.