At $5 million a year, football head coach Scott Frost’s salary is the largest in the University of Nebraska system by $2 million.

By using The Daily Nebraskan’s University of Nebraska salary database, readers can find the 2020-21 annual budgeted salary of any NU staff member. Readers can also sort wages by individual departments or campuses and list them in increasing or decreasing order. 

Led by Frost, 12 of the university’s 25 highest paid employees are employed by Nebraska Athletics. The other employees include three deans, two Central Administration administrators, two chancellors, two vice chancellors, two University of Nebraska Medical Center directors, one chair and one professor. These salaries are before any COVID-19 related furloughs or cuts.

UNMC’s Surinder Kumar Batra, professor of biochemistry and molecular biology, is the highest paid non-athletic, non-administrator, earning $411,426 a year. The highest paid UNL professor is School of Accountancy’s Thomas Omer, earning $371,681 annually, followed by accounting professors Thomas Kubick and Tony Kang, each earning about $280,000.

Marilyn Wolf from the College of Engineering is paid $275,000 followed by two law professors, Robert Denicola and Steven Willborn.

UNL College of Business employees have the highest average salaries. The School of Accountancy spends nearly $4.4 million on its 22 employees, averaging almost $200,000 per salary. The Department of Finance averages $156,000, while the Marketing and Supply Chain Management and Analytics departments average about $145,000.

Nebraska Athletics has the largest number of employees, more than 300, followed by 221 in UNMC’s Department of Pathology and Microbiology. Athletics’ $38 million in total salaries is more than double the Department of Pathology and Microbiology’s $15 million total.

Custodial and dining services tend to pay the lowest wages, averaging around $27,000-$30,000 a year.

Some departmental comparisons can be misleading as some employees may be classified on their own or with a subgroup. Also, departmental names and organizations may vary among campuses.

As a public university, all wages at the University of Nebraska are public information.