Dozens of University of Nebraska-Lincoln community members joined together for a high-energy and high-wind workout in Memorial Stadium the evening of Wednesday, April 10.

Campus Recreation hosted the workout in the 25 mph winds, where each of four instructors led a 25-minute workout from a stage in the endzone. Sarah Lewis, the Campus Rec’s group fitness coordinator, said about 75 people attended overall, but they came and went throughout the two hours.

The night started with kickboxing by Sydney Engberg, a senior nutritional science and dietetics major; then senior communications major Alex Foutch led a cardio dance workout, instructor Leah Adams helped attendees with a total body tone and Adrienne Wilson gave one of her barre classes.

“In the stadium, we couldn’t necessarily do things that required a lot of equipment, so that took out several things, like cycling,” Lewis said. “We also just chose the instructors that are really awesome, our rockstar instructors, that were willing to come out and teach that night. Then we just kind of chose the formats that are the most popular.”

She said she hoped the change of scenery would encourage new people to attend, like those who don’t have a group fitness pass or those who may be intimidated by going to Campus Rec itself.

“Really it’s just a big celebration of what our bodies can do, enjoying being outside in the cool atmosphere of the stadium and maybe being a little more motivated being on the football field than you normally are in a classroom,” she said.

One Campus Rec member was so motivated by the idea of a stadium workout that she endured the whole two hours for her second workout after having a baby in February.

“I was nervous starting again; it’s been so long,” Amber O’Shea, a graduate student in educational studies, said. “But once you get into it, everyone’s there to support you; the instructors are really supportive and it’s just fun and it’s a community. You get over that hump of being sore for the first few weeks and then you learn to love it.”

Seniors Megan Engel, an advertising and public relations major, and Alison McNichols, a nutritional science and dietetics major, go to barre class every week. They said the kickboxing was intense in the beginning, but the classes got easier as they went — and the wind helped with the sweaty workouts.

Lewis said Campus Rec definitely wants to host a stadium workout again, but probably won’t do more than one a year since it can be difficult to reserve the stadium.

Each instructor agreed the event is something they’d want to do again. Adams, a UNL alumna who’s been an instructor for about six years, said she enjoyed teaching people she wouldn’t normally see in her classes.

“This was the most fun thing in the whole world,” she said. “It was neat because we teach different styles of classes, so some people go to everything, but some people have their specific style. It was cool getting to meet and engage with those that maybe we wouldn’t usually get to.”