UNL doesn't recycle glass

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln doesn’t recycle glass, but one management class on campus is doing its best to change that.

Professor Colleen Jones’ Management 311: Leadership, Communications and Teams class is accepting glass donations from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. from Thursday to Saturday this week for recycling. Their booth is located north of the Nebraska Union’s food court.

The group, called Kicking Glass, hopes to spread this information to UNL students by taking their donations.

According to business major Bruce Fells, a Daily Nebraskan article published last spring inspired his management class’ recycling project.

“[The article] was about the Big Ten challenge on recycling, and one of the stated reasons that the University of Nebraska didn’t do well on that competition was because we do not recycle glass,” Fells said.

Ian Carson, a senior marketing major in the marketing class, said Bruce pitched the idea in class one day, and the rest of the students liked it.

In the marketing class, students learned how recyclable glass is. According to their flyer, glass is the only packaging option that can be recycled repeatedly without loss in purity or quality and doing so reduces emissions and the consumption of raw materials.

“Our goal is to raise the awareness with the students and maybe have some influence over the faculty and those who decide how UNL recycles,” Fells said.

Carson added the group hopes to “show UNL students what they’re throwing away instead of what can be recycled.”

Kicking Glass is accepting glass containers of any color for recycling. Members only ask that students rinse out the glass before donating.

While UNL doesn’t recycle glass, many other Big Ten Conference schools do.

“We’re either the very bottom or near the bottom,” Carson said, regarding how UNL stacks up against other schools in recycling.

The Sustainability, Tracking, Assessment and Rating System is a rating given to universities across the country by the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education. The self-reporting framework currently rates UNL as bronze, their lowest rating.

The university doesn’t recycle glass because it’s not cost efficient, students said.

“They don’t make enough money from the glass as they would compared to newspaper and plastic,” Carson said.