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University of Nebraska-Lincoln Chancellor Ronnie Green selected 45 individuals to serve on UNL’s Campuswide Collaborative on Sexual Misconduct

Led by professor of educational psychology Susan Swearer, the collaborative will recommend improvements to education training and policy development to address sexual misconduct, according to an official announcement posted Friday morning.

“The University has a long history of supporting anti-violence work on campus. The Collaborative is an extension of this work, and will provide recommendations for how to better communicate our resources, improve our efforts or address any gaps,” Green said in the release. “I look forward to the Collaborative’s work and to hearing more about the ways in which the university can promote best practices related to prevention, education, intervention, and policy development.”

The group will work alongside Student Affairs, Title IX and Academic Affairs. It will have three working groups in the areas of prevention and education, intervention, and policy, procedures and practices. All three groups will work with designated faculty members. 

The main objective of the collaborative will be to identify recommendations in those areas and provide them to Green by May 15, 2020.

The collaborative will be made up of 10 students, 14 faculty and 20 university staff members. The individuals were selected from nearly 40 different campus units. Swearer was named the chair of the group, and students were selected from the Association of Students of the University of Nebraska PREVENT, Panhellenic Council, Nutrition and Health Sciences, Communication Studies and Psychology. 

No individuals involved with Dear UNL, an organization created last year to push the Chancellor to change the handling of sexual misconduct by the university’s Title IX Office, were included in the collaborative.