Neihardt Date Auction

As a part of our initiative called Curious Cornhuskers, an anonymous reader asked The Daily Nebraskan, “My first year at UNL in 1979 I lived in the Piper wing of [Neihardt] in International House. Is International House still in existence?”

In the fall of 1932, the University of Nebraska opened its first dormitory, Raymond Hall, according to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Historic Building website. Two wings — called Heppner and Love — were added on in 1940; another called Piper was added on in 1956. For 40 years, these wings were known as the Women’s Residence Halls.

In 1973, the men living in the building requested that it be renamed to reflect that it housed more than just women. The building then became Neihardt Hall, as it’s called today.

At that time, the first two floors of Neihardt housed students in a program called International House. Around 70 students were in the program each year, and each room housed one domestic and one international student.

According to the January 27, 1977, issue of The Daily Nebraskan, International House was a place where foreign and American students could “live together and learn about other cultures.”

The original International House program doesn’t exist today, but it evolved into Global Experiences — a learning community where domestic and international students live and work together. According to its website, the program helps students “expand their global experiences and increase their intercultural awareness.”