Fleet Foot Lincoln art

Using 3D scanning technology, Fleet Feet Lincoln will be at the Campus Recreation Center to help students find the exact measurements of their feet and the right shoes to fit them. 

On Monday, students, faculty, staff and the campus recreation community are invited to have their feet measured from 4 to 6 p.m. in the Campus Recreation Center Atrium Room, according to Zoe Arnold, professional intern of Member Services, Development and Events. She said hosting the event on campus makes it a close walk for students and the scanning will only take a few minutes.

The 3D technology will measure for certain pressure points on the feet to decipher what shoe is the best fit for the user. Arnold said the event will help students find the shoes that are the best fit for them to use while running for the comfiest experience. 

Fleet Feet Lincoln and the Campus Recreation Injury Prevention and Care are the main sponsors of the event, but Scott Wagner, assistant director for Member Services and Development, said all of the Campus Recreation Center is supporting the event. 

“Our vision, our mission, our purpose, is to create a sense of community, a sense of belonging,” he said. “But also an opportunity for students to learn and to grow when it comes to their physical wellness or any dimension of wellness.”

Arnold is from Wisconsin, and she said Fleet Feet is a chain in her home state. After having her feet measured, she said her measurements told her she was wearing the wrong size shoe. After getting the right size, she said the pain she had previously experienced while walking went away. 

“I’ve gone through the process before and it was kind of mind-blowing,” she said. “I didn’t realize what specific types of shoes I needed.”

Wagner said the event is a way for Campus Recreation Injury Prevention and Care to be proactive rather than just reactive. 

“A lot of people get turned off by physical fitness because they do have those injuries or those setbacks,” he said. “So if we can prevent someone from having a setback upfront, if we can set them up to have proper fitting shoes … we accomplish that mission.”

Arnold said the right pair of shoes helped her feel better while exercising and walking, and she wants to help students have that same experience.

Arnold said the event isn’t just for runners looking for their perfect shoe fit. The event is open to anyone who is searching for a comfy pair of shoes.

“I think the beauty of this event, too, is that since it is just shoes, even if you’re not a runner, if you just prefer to walk, if we can make your experience any more comfortable or reduce some of that pain that you already have just by fitting in the proper pair of shoes,” she said. “I think that can change the narrative when it comes to being physically fit.”

Wagner said most students buy shoes that don’t fit properly or work for their needs, and he hopes that this event can help students find the best fit for them.

“It’s an opportunity for students to come out and learn more about themselves,” he said. “Hopefully, by getting people in the right shoes, then they can be on their — as corny as it sounds — path to a better lifestyle, one way or the other.”