The Beaver Fit Box outside the East Campus Recreational Center on Wednesday, April 17, 2019, in Lincoln, Nebraska.

A new piece of outdoor equipment at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Recreation and Wellness Center on East Campus may look like a box, but Kelsey Whittaker said it’s much more than just storage.

Whittaker, interim assistant director for fitness, said the FitBox is approximately 10 feet by 10 feet and includes items that attach to the container and holds items for use on the new turf area outside the Rec building.

For example, patrons can find medicine balls and sleds inside the box as well as attach resistance bands, TRX bands and ropes to its outside.

Amy Lanham, senior associate director of Campus Recreation, said the new equipment will allow students to practice workouts that aren’t allowed in the indoor facilities once the box opens. She said the recreation team hopes it will open before Monday, April 22.

Students can use the medicine balls for slam ball technique workouts and the ropes for battle rope exercises, she said.

Whittaker said the outdoor FitBox worked well with the recreation team’s goal to introduce more functional training to the recreation centers.

“The interior was maxed out,” Lanham said. “We just didn’t have space inside.”

She said the FitBox is a part of the finishing touches on the Recreation and Wellness Center’s outdoor project, which the team has been working on since summer 2018.

Lanham said the team could still decide to add hammocks for relaxation and a slackline like the one outside the Outdoor Adventure Center.

Lanham said she’s excited to open the FitBox for the rest of spring semester and the summer, but said the box will be locked once the American College of Sports Medicine rules the temperatures too low to workout outdoors.

“What makes me most excited about the FitBox is providing a place for students to do some of the exercises and some of the trainings they would like to do when before, we kind of had to tell them no,” she said.

Whittaker said she’s excited to add the new equipment to the outdoor fitness area, like  sandbags, farmer carry logs, sleds, Dynamax balls and battle ropes.

“I’m incredibly excited about the FitBox,” she said. “There are very few universities across the country that have a FitBox as part of their Campus Recreation facilities, so I feel very lucky to be able to bring it to our campus.”