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The deadlines to withdraw from a course or change it to Pass/No Pass have been extended by two weeks for the spring semester at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 

The decision, announced on Friday by Nebraska Today, allows students to take more time to make these academic decisions in the compacted spring semester. The new deadlines to change a course to Pass/No Pass or withdraw are March 26 and April 16, respectively. 

The Association of Students of the University of Nebraska proposed an extension of UNL’s Pass/No Pass and withdrawal deadlines to the Academic Solutions Council in mid-December as a potential improvement to the spring semester. 

ASUN submitted two other proposals — the implementation of “Reading/Wellness Days” and a changed incomplete/withdrawal policy — but these were not supported by the Faculty Senate Executive Committee, ASUN President Roni Miller said 

At the time ASUN proposed the resolutions, the Faculty Senate were supportive of the deadline extensions, but the specifics had not yet been vetted by administration, according to Faculty Senate President Nicole Buan. Once the Faculty Senate learned that administration was also supportive, Buan said it unanimously endorsed ASUN’s proposal.

In the spring 2020 semester, the Pass/No Pass policy was expanded to allow students the option to change a course to this designation after grades had been posted. ASUN tried to implement a similar policy for the fall 2020 semester, but were denied by the Faculty Senate.

At the time, Buan said the senate rejected ASUN’s resolution because it was proposed late in the semester, which could be unfair for students who had already decided to drop or withdraw from classes. She cited curricula changes that faculty had already made to accommodate students in the fall as alternative ways to support students. 

However, Buan did say the Faculty Senate would work with ASUN on additional support measures for the spring 2021 semester.