Amid all the news surrounding the novel coronavirus, students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln have received several emails since Sunday, March 8, regarding prevention and preparation for the future. 

On Monday, four emails were sent to several UNL students regarding the coronavirus. Emails from the College of Business and the College of Law said that two UNL students attended the Special Olympics Tournament in Fremont and were potentially exposed to COVID-19.

Students also received emails from Chancellor Ronnie Green and interim executive vice chancellor for student affairs Richard Moberly about the possibility of classes becoming exclusively online and a new attendance policy, which explains that students who are ill should stay at home and that they won’t face any penalties for being absent. 

College of Business Dean Kathy Farrell and Interim College of Law Dean Anna Shavers both said in their emails that the two students, from their respective colleges, who attended the Special Olympics Tournament are currently in self-quarantine, and one of their roommates is also in quarantine. None of the students are symptomatic at this time.

In Green’s email on Monday, he said the new attendance policy states that students who are sick or under self-quarantine under the direction of a Public Health Department or their personal health care provider won’t need to provide formal documentation for absences. However, Green said students will need to keep in touch with their instructors regarding their absences. Students will need to keep up with classwork and reschedule exams, labs and any other academic activities. 

Moberly emailed students on Tuesday to tell them to begin taking steps now in case classes do move exclusively online. He said students should check Canvas and their Husker emails regularly and make sure they have access to programs to complete their schoolwork.

He also said students should make sure they have internet access both on and off campus, so they can complete course materials online. If students don’t have access to a laptop, Moberly said Huskertech has laptops available for checkout, but they’re first come, first serve.