With its mission to design and create video games, the UNL Game Development Club combines every aspect of video games beyond the controllers: game design, coding, artwork, music and sound.

“The club would serve as a platform to help people to accomplish goals of learning about game development,” Daniel Shchur, a sophomore computer engineering major and the club's event coordinator, said.

The club develops team projects, competes in game development competitions and hosts speakers from the video game industry at their meetings.

Shchur said the club members will soon start small groups to collaborate on creating a video game throughout the semester.

Casey Lafferty, a graduate computer science student and the club’s president, said the Game Development Club is a great community where its members can learn together and improve as game developers without judgement.

“We all have something to build and work together to get better,” he said

Lafferty pioneered the club a few semesters after realizing that computer science students had nowhere to go with their interest in game development. He gathered the students together for frequent meetings to work on game development.

Eventually, Lafferty said there was enough interest to form the official RSO in January 2019.

Shchur’s been interested in games since his childhood, but said his development interests started in college when he learned the tools and techniques through his computer engineering major.

“I thought like, I can do [this] myself and be a good thing to play around with,” he said.

The club recently attended a game jam competition at Kansas State University from Feb. 8-10, where they were given a short time frame to develop a game based on a theme given to them at the competition. The teams are then judged on how well the game fits the theme, as well as in categories like original art and music. 

This article was modified on Feb. 23 at 8:02 p.m. to correct Daniel Shchur's position in the UNL Game Development Club, the years and majors of Casey Lafferty and Daniel Shchur, how the club welcomes members with any level of programming experience, how the club participated in a game jam competition earlier in February 2019, and does not plan to participate in the Global Game Jam competition.