French fees art

As a part of our initiative called Curious Cornhuskers, an anonymous reader asked The Daily Nebraskan, “Why is there a special fee for some French courses? I have noticed it through 302, and it doesn’t specify what it is for.”

According to Nora Martin Peterson, department chair of modern languages and literatures and associate professor of French, the special fees for some of the courses are to cover the Language Lab, a programming lab that provides students with language-learning tools. The lab is open to any student in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures. 

Peterson said in an email that the Language Lab offers free tutors to French, Spanish and German students. In addition, it offers many different language programs and iPads with educational apps on language, games and virtual reality experiences to help students.

There are three different features to the Language Lab: Language Lounge, Technology Classroom and Innovation Workroom, according to the website.

The Language Lounge is in 302 Burnett Hall, and it is a space for students to do group work, individual language practice and tutoring. Students can also use the room to watch international films, news and music. Students have access to 30 iPads with learning apps and software to complete assignments, according to Nebraska Today.

In the Technology Classroom, located in 301 Burnett Hall, students can have web conferences with others across the world. This room contains projectors and speakers to facilitate interactions between students and people globally, according to the website.  

The Innovation Workroom is in 304 Burnett Hall, and this area provides students opportunities to work on language-related projects and language theories. According to the website, this room features audio and recording software, along with speech and phonetics analysis.

This lab network is intended to foster more intercultural understanding and exchanges between UNL students and people of different nationalities, according to Nebraska Today.