The HuskerTech room

The Huskertech room is pictured in Selleck Quadrangle on Wednesday, Dec. 11, 2019, in Lincoln, Nebraska.

As a part of our Curious Cornhuskers initiative, an anonymous reader asked The Daily Nebraskan, “Why does Selleck have a room in the basement called Huskertech?”

Tony Rathgeber, interim Residence Life director at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln said the Huskertech room in the Selleck Quadrangle basement used to be a computer lab prior to this year and currently serves as a study and staff training area. 

“It’s an interesting story; that space used to be a student computer lab, which is why the Huskertech name was there,” he said. “There actually used to be a student computer lab at every residence hall.” 

Rathgeber said as time went on, the number of students utilizing the computer labs severely declined. 

“As more and more students got their own computers, there was less and less use of the space,” he said. “In some cases, we even saw use of the computer labs drop down into the single digits of students who used them on a regular basis.” 

He said the decline in student usage led to UNL converting the room into a lounge area for students, which was completed in early November. 

“They decided it wasn’t worth continuing to put all the financial and human resources into maintaining the computer labs that weren’t getting used very much,” he said. “The computers were removed, so now there’s a space labeled ‘HuskerTech’, but we actually need to update the sign.”

According to Rathgeber, there are still computers in the room, but they are now part of a staff training area. 

“In housing, we have dozens of pieces of software we have to train people on, so we have an area in there where we can train faculty on it,” he said. 

The rest of the room is a student study space, though Rathgeber said it isn’t advertised well. 

“In the process of just finishing that just a month ago, we haven’t actually changed the sign to really reflect what it is,” he said.

The Huskertech sign will likely be replaced over winter break, and UNL Housing will decide on a more fitting name. It will most likely be renamed “The L,” referring to the L shape of the room, Rathgeber said. 

“We already have the training area down there, but for the study area we think we are going to informally name that ‘The L’ just as a pretty literal description of the layout it has,” he said.

Rathgeber said students are encouraged to forward ideas to Residence Life on what additions should be added to “The L.” 

“If students come across things they think would be useful to have in the L-shape of the room, or any residence facility, we’re always open to requests about any additions to make them more user friendly to students,” he said.