17th and R streets

The commuter parking garage pictured at 17th and R streets on Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2020, in Lincoln, Nebraska.

As a part of our Curious Cornhuskers initiative, an anonymous reader asked The Daily Nebraskan, “How is the 17th and R garage set up? I feel like when I exit, I sometimes am trying to exit to R Street, but end up at the Q Street exit.”

Bill Manning, operations manager and assistant director for Parking and Transit Services said if someone wants the R Street exit, drive on the east ramp, and if someone wants the Q Street exit, drive on the west ramp. 

The 17th and R garage has double ramps side-by-side. There is a west ramp and an east ramp that are next to each other. On Q Street, there are two entrances and one exit, and on R Street, there is one entrance and exit. 

Manning said the parking spots on the lower level, first floor and the west ramp on the first and second floor are all reserved for faculty and staff permit holders. Students can park on every floor on the east ramp except on the lower level.  

Manning said that on the second floor, there are signs hanging from the ceiling at the top of the ramp, so drivers can navigate where the R Street and Q Street exits are.