curious cornhuskers advertisements art

As part of our Curious Cornhuskers initiative, an anonymous reader asked The Daily Nebraskan, “Why is this listed [on the bottom of The Daily Nebraskan website]: ‘UNL students that are passionate about medicine can speak with Lasik Omaha doctors to learn more about the medical advances in eye care’?”

The third-party advertisement is from the Omaha/Lincoln Eye and Laser Institute, according to Allen Vaughan, general manager for The Daily Nebraskan, and it pays for placement on the website. 

Vaughan said the institute continually renews its subscription for the message on the bottom of the website, which provides funds to The Daily Nebraskan and is one of many advertisers the organization has built a relationship with.

“We have certain ethical guidelines that we need to follow,” Vaughan said. “We’re looking for people who we think represent the good values of what we’re trying to do and then can also be good partners and believe in our mission because that’s really where we’re moving to.”

Vaughan said every year The Daily Nebraskan receives a negotiated annual budget from the Association of Students of the University of Nebraska that helps fund the organization. Additional funds are then raised through third-party advertisements that pay The Daily Nebraskan for placement in various mediums throughout the year.

There are some remnant ads on The Daily Nebraskan website, Vaughan said, which may follow visitors around the internet, but they only make up 1-2% of the total budget, and most other ads will involve communication and building relationships with the advertisers.

“By and large, every other ad you’re going to see at an event or on our website is that we are talking to [advertisers],” Vaughan said. “It’s a little bit of they’ve got an interest in us, we might have an interest in them, so most of the time, we’re seeking out business.”

Last year, the amount received from ASUN and from additional advertisements both totalled half of the annual budget, according to Vaughan. 

In the spring, ASUN and The Daily Nebraskan will negotiate a budget for the next year and advertisements will be sought out in order to help fund the DN and its staff, Vaughan said. More relationships will be made to help fulfill the needs of the DN, he said, and allow the organization to continue fulfilling its mission to the student body.

“You think about how much money students are spending on campus and to be able to have a place like the DN that is holding government officials on campus [responsible] … is really what we’re trying to do,” Vaughan said. “We’re trying to find good people who believe in that mission also and can also help reach the student body.”