Curious Cornhuskers Husker Heroes: Grace Trexel

Yan Harris, team leader of Husker Heroes, prepares food for students on Friday, Feb. 28, 2020, in Cather Dinning Hall in Lincoln, Nebraska.

As part of our initiative called Curious Cornhuskers, an anonymous reader asked The Daily Nebraskan, “Do Husker Heroes have gluten/dairy free options?”

According to University of Nebraska-Lincoln Dining Services director Dave Annis, Husker Heroes locations have signs posted with green gluten-free logos next to all of its gluten-free options. 

Options include gluten-free bread, gluten-free wraps and a variety of gluten-free desserts. Most of the dressings are gluten-free, and all the meats are gluten-free except the fajita chicken. Additionally, the Husker Heroes at Cather has one gluten-free soup between the two soups offered.

According to Annis, the back counter has a space specifically dedicated to making gluten-free sandwiches and wraps. This way, they do not come in contact with work surfaces on which items containing gluten are made.

“We even have a separate little oven on the backline,” he said. “It’s never used for anything that’s not gluten-free.”

The only Husker Heroes that may not have many gluten-free options is the one at Selleck, Annis said. All of the sandwiches at the Husker Heroes at Selleck at premade, so there may not always be a gluten-free option.

“That’s probably something that we need to look at to make sure there is always a gluten-free option there,” Annis said.

According to the manager of food services at Cather Dining Center, Barb McCain, there are no dairy-free cheese options currently available at any of the Husker Heroes locations.

However, as displayed on the dessert packaging, there are dairy-free desserts available. Also, all of the meats, vegetables, bread and wraps are dairy-free.

Annis and McCain said students can request dairy-free cheeses if they want them. If students were to request dairy-free options, Annis said he would be happy to provide them. 

Annis encourages students to request items because Dining Services is typically responsive when it comes to accommodating student requests. He believes responsiveness is essential to taking care of students’ dietary needs.

“I think we have a responsibility to listen to the students and provide what they want,” he said. “It doesn’t make sense not to listen to your customer.”