Crime Log

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Crime on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s campus decreased from 23 incidents for the week of Nov. 24-30 to 19 incidents for the week of Dec. 1-7, according to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Police Department Daily Crime & Fire Log

“Vandalism,” not including “vandalism by graffiti” or “vandalism by drive-by shooting,” and “not reportable hit and run accidents” each had three incidents last week. “Minor in possession of alcohol,” “possession of narcotics” and “lost or stolen item” had two reports each. Vandalism had one more report compared to the previous week, and not reportable hit and run accidents went from zero incidents in the previous week to three this week.

On Sunday, Dec. 1, a community service officer reported seeing an individual pulling on car handles in the parking lot at 615 N. 19th St., according to the crime log and UNLPD Patrol Sgt. Margot Nason. She said the individual was issued a UNL Trespass Policy Letter because no crime had been committed. 

A UNLPD employee reported damage to police equipment, also on Sunday, according to the crime log. The damage was unintentional, though Nason said UNLPD is required to report it on the crime log. 

On Thursday, Dec. 5, a non-affiliate reported losing a bracelet valued at $6,000 at the Lied Center for Performing Arts, according to the crime log. Nason said she could not offer a description of the bracelet because, if it is found, the owner would have to describe it in order to claim it. The case remains open, according to the crime log.

A UNL employee reported a broken window on a university vehicle on Friday, Dec. 6, according to the crime log. Nason said the window broke from the cold temperatures. The case has been closed.