The Lied Center’s Matthew Boring speaks to the Committee for Fee Allocations on Thursday, March 18, 2021, on Zoom.

Editor’s Note: Editor-in-chief Grace Gorenflo and General Manager Allen Vaughan were not involved in the reporting or editing of this story.

The Committee for Fee Allocations voted on the recommendations for student fees presented last week for the 2022 fiscal year on Thursday night.

CFA chair Jacob Gideon hosted the meeting via Zoom, and committee members proposed these budgets after meeting with individual fee users and hearing from the public. 

The committee voted on funds from two groups of University Program and Facilities Fees: Fund A and Fund B. 

Fund A users include the Lied Center for Performing Arts, The Daily Nebraskan, The DailyER, University Program Council and the Association of the Students of the University of Nebraska. Fund B includes the Nebraska Unions, Campus Recreation, the ASUN Student Readership Program, Parking & Transit Services and the University Health Center.

All budgets were presented to the committee — with additional debate for the Lied Center — and approved.

The Lied Center subcommittee recommended the Lied Center receive $218,400 — an increase of $8,400. The Lied Center had originally requested no increase. 

The recommendation stemmed from the Arts for All program, which allows students to attend a variety of concerts, performances and more for free. 

In the end, the committee voted three times, due to internal disagreement, until it agreed to give the Lied Center the $210,000 that had been requested initially. 

The Nebraska Unions requested $5,043,508 — an increase of $110,464.

“The union does a lot for the on-campus experience. And we thought that the increase from the past year was very minimal given the revenue losses they faced due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” CFA committee member Zoe Keese said.

Campus Recreation requested $8,432,311 — an increase of $101,610. The additional funds will be used for pay increases and health insurance and benefits for Campus Recreation employees, according to Stan Campbell, director of Campus Recreation. 

The committee also voted to approve a budget of $960,300 for the Campus Recreation Repair and Improvement of Facilities.

ASUN requested $535,929 — an increase of $16,697. This is to fund necessary changes to employee benefits and for new staff, according to ASUN administrator Marlene Beyke.

Parking & Transit Services requested $1,164,107 — a decrease of $146,880. This decrease is due to a switch from using contracted city buses to using their own vans for one route between the East and City campuses, according to committee member Brock Calamari. 

UPC requested $281,657 — a decrease of $2,438. 

Kennedy Wolfe, UPC internal vice president, said UPC had extra money at the end of this last year because UNL did not host its annual spring concert. 

The University Health Center requested the same budget as last year: $7,160,477. 

The Daily Nebraskan and The DailyER also requested the same budgets as the previous fiscal year: $159,602 and $6,400, respectively. 

Approved allocations will be considered on Wednesday at the next ASUN meeting.