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The University of Nebraska-Lincoln will move classes online after spring break and cancelled classes March 16-20 to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The Daily Nebraskan asked students their thoughts about taking classes online for the rest of the semester.  

Luiza Benvenuti

Luiza Benvenuti, junior international business and psychology majors.

Luiza Benvenuti, junior international business and psychology double major 

“I'm really confused with how exams are going to be taken because I have four exams next week, and no one has said how I am supposed to take them … I know myself, and I am not really good with self discipline so I feel like my classes will be hard to keep up with assignments. But I don't know if it is a good or bad idea. I’m just going with the flow.”

Darian Beard

Darian Beard, junior antropology major.

Darian Beard, junior anthropology major 

“I am not exactly sure, I am a little nervous because I am not very good at online classes, but I think it's the best choice to keep everybody in the community safe.”

Sarah Baker

Sarah Baker, freshman accounting major.

Sarah Baker, freshman accounting major

“I think it would be okay. I trust that Nebraska cares about us a lot so they will help us figure out what to do. [We’ll] just make sure we can keep our grades good. So I’m not too worried. It’s just sad leaving friends.”

Rosie Sorenson

Rosie Sorenson, freshman biology major.

Rosie Sorensen, freshman biology major

“It's just surreal. We have been hearing about it for weeks now and now it's actually happening. I’m just very stressed about everything, moving out of the dorms and trying to do all my homework online. It’s crazy.”