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University of Nebraska-Lincoln students living in traditional dorms will move to a room in an apartment-style or suite-style dorm beginning Wednesday, according to an email from University Housing.

The move into apartments and suites is more conducive to social distancing, according to the Housing website. With these living arrangements, students will have their own bedrooms and only a few students will be using each bathroom. Additionally, microwaves and full-size refrigerators will provide students with more independence for meals.

All students will receive a new room assignment in either The Courtyards, University Suites, Eastside Suites or Knoll Residential Center. Students living in The Village are also being asked to move so the facility can be used for quarantined or self-isolated individuals in the future.

Students with accommodations will still receive those in their new rooms. Housing is also working to pair current roommates together, but students cannot request a room or roommate during this time. 

About 24 hours before their moving timeline begins, students will receive an email from Housing sent to their Husker email account. According to the website, the email will have detailed instructions with a moving date and time, the student’s new room assignment and information about moving assistance. Housing advises that students start packing now. 

Students who make the move will be charged either the amount on their current contracts or the amount of the new space, whichever one costs less. 

According to the website, Housing staff will provide boxes and trucks to help move students’ belongings.