Ibrahim Jarvis Election Night

ASUN President-elect Batool Ibrahim and Internal Vice President-elect Taylor Jarvis hug as they hear the results of the election on Wednesday, March 24, 2021, in the Nebraska Union in Lincoln, Nebraska.

With 84% of the vote going to Batool Ibrahim for president and Taylor Jarvis for internal vice president, the Revitalize party will lead the next senate of the Association of Students of the University of Nebraska. External vice president for the Revitalize party, Patrick Baker, won with 83.4% of the vote. 

This election had the lowest voter turnout in the last 10 years, with only 6% of eligible students voting. Between 1999 and the present, it is the second lowest voter turnout.  

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Every Revitalize candidate who ran for a position won. Additionally, one inactive write-in candidate and one independent candidate won. 

All University Program and Facilities Fees user requests were approved as well. 

The executive candidate slate ballot question that would put the president, internal vice president and external vice president all on one ticket failed. This constitutional amendment required a two-thirds majority vote from voters but only received 52.7% of the vote. 

This same amendment was on the ballot last year and also failed. 

“This was certainly a year like no other. The pandemic has altered everything we’re used to, and student government elections weren’t immune,” Jared Long, Electoral Commission director, said. “The challenges we faced this year gave the Electoral Commission an opportunity to critically examine our procedures, and we made institutional changes that should’ve happened long ago.”

President-elect Ibrahim said she is beyond excited about being able to serve the student body as the first Black ASUN president in school history. 

“Everything that was on our campaign was something that we are all really passionate about,” Ibrahim said. 

External vice president-elect Baker wants to make sure that students know how important ASUN is to the student body. 

Baker said that it is crucial for students to understand the importance of ASUN because of the role it plays on campus, which includes allocating student fees. 

Jarvis, internal vice president-elect, said that she is ready to begin her term in ASUN. 

“I am so immensely excited,” Jarvis said. “ASUN is a thing I am the most passionate about with this university.” 

Long said that the change to a more digitized electoral commission helped make this a more accessible election cycle. 

“Specifically, the digitization of election forms was an important step toward making elections more accessible,” Long said. “This couldn’t have happened without the support and cooperation of Lauren Gayer in the Office of Student Affairs. We owe Lauren a huge debt of gratitude for her support in this process.”