ASUN 2021

The Association of Students of the University of Nebraska will meet Wednesday to vote on seven pieces of legislation.  

Senate Bills 20, 21 and 22 will be discussed and voted on. These bills were up for a vote last week but were moved to this week's meeting, and are related to sustainability bylaw revisions. 

Senate Bills 20 and 21, if passed, will work to diminish the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s carbon footprint by allocating money for the purchase of carbon offsets for all travel funded by the Green Fund Selections Committee and all ASUN official travel.  

Senate Bill 22, if passed, will require all events where ASUN is the primary or sole sponsor work to be zero-waste.  

Senate Bill 24 is a constitutional amendment proposal that would make the election of president, internal vice president and external vice president all one ticket. ASUN will vote on whether to include the amendment on the ballot during the Spring General Election. 

Currently, the president and internal vice president are elected together and the executive vice president is elected separately. For this amendment to become an official part of the constitution, it will require a two-thirds majority vote of all eligible voting students. 

Government Bill 26 will also be presented Wednesday night. This bill, if passed, means that ASUN and the Black Student Union will host the Night of Listening: Race and Inequality in Policy and Administration event on Tuesday, Feb. 16 from 7-8:30 p.m., via Zoom. This event will include four Nebraska public officials who will talk about their experiences as public officials.  

“It made sense for us to work with another strong advocacy group in BSU to further our shared goals of promoting strong educational events and policy reform to support students and the community,” Drew Harrahill, internal vice president, said in a text.  

Government Bill 27 proposes that ASUN endorse Legislative Bill 588 in the Nebraska State Legislature. LB588 is in regards to renovation funds of the Nebraska University system buildings for the next 40 years.  

Government Bill 28 will also be discussed. This bill, if passed, means the ASUN Senate encourages the UNL delegation for the Association of Big Ten Students to vote in favor of ABTS Bills A, B, D, E, F, H, I and J as these bills align with the goals and initiatives of ASUN.  

If passed, the bill would also approve cosponsoring ABTS Bill C. This bill is a resolution that calls on ABTS to give support to any Big Ten Student Government that supports the use and expansion of Open Educational Resources in higher education classes.  

Finally, this bill encourages the ASUN delegation to abstain from ABTS Bill G, as it does not directly impact UNL students and does not align with the scope of ASUN's mission. ABTS Bill G is a resolution to support Uyghur rights. 

“Like stated in the resolution, it does not fit the scope of ASUN nor align with our initiatives to improve the lives of UNL students. Supporting ABTS Bill G would be a misuse of our authority and an overstep of our oath of office,” Roni Miller, president, said in a text.  

The senate meeting will take place Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. via Zoom.