ASUN statement

Following safety concerns after Daniel Kleve, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln junior, appeared in a video discussing violence and white nationalism, the Association of Student of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln released a statement.

In the statement, signed by the executive team, ASUN said it has received many messages asking for “representation and action.”

“We ask the current leaders of our institution to join us in the collective work of fighting white supremacy, anti-Semitism, and all other forms of hate,” the statement said.

ASUN’s president, internal and external vice presidents ask students to report any concerns to University TIPS and contact UNLPD if they feel unsafe for a night escort at 402-472-222.

UNLPD Police Chief Owen Yardley said proper authorities are reviewing the video and the matter is being taken seriously.

“There is no place for hate at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln,” the statement said. “All are welcome here.”

An hour later, UNL Announce sent a university-wide email which said they have received "numerous reports of concern about a student's activities," addressing Kleve.

Signed by Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Laurie Bellows, ASUN president Joe Zach and Yardley, the statement said safety officials are taking the matter seriously.

"We strongly denounce bigotry and condemn violence," the statement said. "We work hard to provide a safe and welcoming environment for everyone on our campus." 

UNL's statement also encouraged campus to contact UNLPD with any concerns.

"We ask Huskers to come together to create the kind of place we call home." 

Kleve responded to controversy surrounding the video Tuesday.