ASUN sig 2020

The Association of Students of the University of Nebraska (ASUN) will meet Wednesday to discuss five new pieces of legislation and one bill tabled from last week.

Issues include the balloon release at Husker football games, student sexual health and the Nebraska Climate Strike.

ASUN will vote on a resolution to encourage the end of balloon releases at Husker Football games following the first touchdown. ASUN does not have the authority to end the tradition itself, according to external Vice President Patrick Baker, as the balloon release is a Nebraska Athletics matter. ASUN passed a similar resolution last year. 

Another resolution asks ASUN to officially support the Nebraska Climate Strike, which will occur on Nov. 19. ASUN supported a similar strike in September of this year. 

ASUN will discuss a bill that would implement a land acknowledgement into each senate meeting. According to the UNL Native American Coalition, the University of Nebraska sits on the homelands of 12 indigenous tribes. 

Another bill would establish a standing committee titled the Sexual Misconduct Presidential Committee, following multiple high-profile cases of alleged sexual assaults and weeks of related protests at UNL earlier in the semester. 

Both the standing committee and the land acknowledgement are bylaw amendments, meaning they will have to wait until next week’s meeting for an official vote. 

One bill would have ASUN fund safer sex kits in conjunction with the Residence Hall Association and the Women’s Center. The bill would cost ASUN $3,010.60, matching RHA’s contribution to the program, and support the distribution of 3,600 kits over six months. 

The senate will vote on a bill tabled last week that would require senators to hold at least one office hour per month in the college that they represent. These hours would be publicized by ASUN’s Communications Committee. 

ASUN will also vote on six appointments. Students can apply for ASUN appointments here.

The meeting will be held in the Platte River Room of the Nebraska Union at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday and be available on Zoom