ASUN sig 2020

The Association of Students of the University of Nebraska (ASUN) will vote on two bylaw amendments introduced last week and discuss three new pieces of legislation at its meeting Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. in the Platte River Room of the Nebraska Union. 

Bylaw Amendment 2, which would require a land acknowledgement to be read at the beginning of each ASUN meeting, was briefly discussed at last week’s meeting. Sen. Meyri Ibrahim authored the bill; it would use the land acknowledgement used by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Native American Coalition

Bylaw Amendment 3, introduced last week, would create a standing Sexual Misconduct Presidential Committee to combat sexual assault on campus. Sen. Meyri Ibrahim and President Batool Ibrahim wrote the bill, and the amendment would call for committee members from Greek life, campus resources and administration to review the university’s history of sexual misconduct and engage in efforts to change that history. 

Bylaw Amendment 4, scheduled to be introduced this week, would have students vote for the president, internal vice president and external vice president of ASUN all on a single ticket. The amendment would alter the current electoral process, which requires the president and IVP to run on the same slate, but the EVP to run as a separate individual, potentially leading to a split executive team from different student election groups. If passed, the change would still need to be approved by students. 

The amendment, written by Sen. Jake Drake, will be introduced and discussed this week, but voted upon at the next meeting. 

Senate Resolution 7 would have ASUN formally support the UNL Recycling Renovation Pilot Project, which would place new waste and recycling containers in multiple buildings across city and east campuses. The program also ends custodial services support to smaller trash cans in select pilot buildings, meaning it will be the responsibility of faculty and staff to remove their deskside trash. The project is intended to help make UNL a waste free campus by 2030. Sens. Seth Caines and Kat Woerner authored the resolution.

Senate Bill 10 would have ASUN provide $187.50 to cover half the cost of a dead week photo booth in Othmer Hall as part of the Engineering Student Advisory Board’s associated de-stress events that week. The bill, authored by Sens. Caines, Andrew Hazel and Sejal Soni, would require that an ASUN senator from the College of Engineering be present at all times during the 3-hour photo booth, which will be held from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Dec. 7.

Members of the community may attend the meeting in person or follow along on Zoom