ASUN Cacciatore

ASUN Sen. Kyle Cacciatore gives a speech for being nominated to serve on the Environmental Leadership Program Appointments Board in the Nebraska Union on Wednesday, April 17, 2019, in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The Association of Students of the University of Nebraska appointed senators to ASUN boards during the senate body’s second-to-last meeting on Wednesday, April 17.

Senators appointed Sen. Roni Miller and Sen. Luke Gomez to the Freshman Campus Leadership Associates Appointments Board, so the two will select freshmen to join FCLA in the fall semester. The Appointments Board will appoint the third board member.

Last week, ASUN nominated Miller, Gomez, Sen. Hannah Cass, Sen. Grant Holst and Sen. Riley Knust as candidates to fill two senator positions on the FCLA Appointments Board. Before candidates gave two-minute speeches about why they should serve on the board, speaker of the senate Drew Harrahill said Holst had withdrawn his nomination.

During their speech, both Gomez and Miller said they would like to increase diversity within FCLA by reaching out to international students, East Campus students and non-Greek members.

Senators said they appreciate that Miller has previous experience on the board and believe Gomez could provide a different perspective as an out-of-state student.

Additionally, senators appointed Sen. Kyle Cacciatore to the Environmental Leadership Program Appointments Board. Cacciatore and two other members will select 20 freshmen and sophomores to work on sustainability projects through ELP in the fall.

Cacciatore was the sole nomination for the board, and senators officially appointed him during the meeting. He said he wants to improve ELP’s reputation.

“I kind of view [ELP] as Donnie Wahlberg to FCLA’s Mark Wahlberg,” he said. “It can be this awesome thing, and it’s just not there yet.”

President Emily Johnson said during the meeting that Vice Chancellor of Diversity and Inclusion Marco Barker will speak during open forum at the next meeting, which will occur next Wednesday, April 24, in the Nebraska Union at 6:30 p.m.