Jared Long 11.20.19

ASUN internal vice president Jared Long speaks during a meeting in the Nebraska Union on Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2019 in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Forty minutes of debate followed the introduction of Government Bill 22 at the Association of Students of the University of Nebraska’s weekly meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 20.

The bill, submitted by internal vice president Jared Long, proposed ASUN sponsor a booth in the Nebraska Union on the first day of the spring semester to welcome back students after the break and promote the newly implemented #FlipToGreen project

According to the bill, the Union worked with members of ASUN to perfect the initiative, which would place signs on tables in the Union that students could use to indicate whether their table is open for others to join them.

Some senators found issue in the lack of regard to accessibility for those who are visually impaired, such as the signs’ colors and lack of braille. 

“We are creating an inclusive environment just for able-bodied students,” Sen. Colin Dike said. “And an exclusive environment [for those with impairments], which nullifies the value of the activity itself.”

Dike also said he worried about ASUN having to foot the bill of adding braille to the designs although ASUN was not in charge of the initial design. But Long said he believed the senate shouldn’t shy away from making design changes since the purpose of ASUN is to step in when the UNL community falls short.

“If this doesn't hit the mark, then we advocate for one that does,” Long said. “If they won’t understand our advocacy, then we take action.”

Ultimately, the bill was tabled until the next meeting to allow senators time to discuss solutions going forward.

Government Bill 21, which President Emily Johnson submitted, passed  , so ASUN officially endorsed Walter “Ted” Carter as the next NU system president.

Senate Bill 18, submitted by Sen. Saisha Adhikari, moved for ASUN to host a movie screening of “American Factory” to serve as a conversation opportunity for domestic and international students. Senate passed the bill by acclamation.

The next ASUN meeting will take place in the Platte River Room of the Nebraska Union on Wednesday, Dec. 4, at 6:30 p.m.


Editors Note: This article was modified at Nov. 21 at 12:42 p.m. to correct how Government Bill 21 passed and attribute the quote to Sen. Colin Dike.