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The Business Ethics Program is sponsoring a free showing of “The Social Network” Wednesday, but if students want to go they need to talk to their professors.

To get students thinking about ethics, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s College of Business Administration is showing “The Social Network,” the latest in its “Must See” movie series, this Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. in Love Library South. The series is strictly educational, however, so students who want to see it need to do so for class. Discussion questions will be provided for professors who want their students to see any of the movies.

“The Social Network” is the second movie to be shown this semester; the first was “Crash,” a 2004 Oscar-winning movie about race relations.

Other movies to be shown this semester are “Inside Job,” a documentary about the late 2000s financial crisis narrated by Matt Damon, and “Risky Business,” a 1983 coming-of-age movie starring Tom Cruise.

Business Ethics Program Director Janice Lawrence said CBA started sponsoring the movie series in the spring of 2011, starting with movies such as “The Informant” and “Whistleblowers.”

Lawrence, an associate accountancy professor, said she got the idea for “Must See” movies when she saw a list of 30 movies all business students should see before they graduate.

“By the time you’ve gone to UNL for four years, you’ll have seen all 30,” Lawrence said.

Lawrence said there will be one or two showings each week to accommodate students’ busy schedules.

“The idea is that you can drop in when you have time,” Lawrence said.

The movie night is not limited to CBA students. If another professor across campus wants their students to see it for class, Lawrence said that would be fine.

For copyright purposes, though, it can’t just be for fun. She said it needs to be educational and there must be a sign-up sheet.

She encourages all students, however, to ask their professors if any of the movies being shown are relevant to the class.

“Sometimes students start the groundswell of things,” Lawrence said.

Beyond movie screenings, ethics are a main focus at CBA and have been for a long time.

“Before Enron, we had an ethics program,” Lawrence said.

CBA has its own student-made code of ethics and statement of values. Lawrence said about 80 percent of CBA students sign the ethics code, far greater than the national average.

Lawrence said CBA shows the movies as a way to get students talking about ethical issues, and to show them that ethics go beyond college.

Courtney Wells, a student in the accountancy master’s program, said it’s important that students start thinking about ethics early, even though they might not seem important in class. She said ethics are about more than knowing not to cheat on tests.

“It goes into your life and into your career,” Wells said. “It’s something students will carry with them.”

Wells said she thinks the “Must See” movies are important to see because they get students thinking about situations that could happen to them beyond college.

If You Go:

Where: Love Library South Room 102

When: 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. Wednesday

How Much: free with a student ID but must be for class