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The concept of virginity has taken on wildly different definitions and meanings in the 21st century. Many students are faced with the question “to lose it or not to lose it?” For those who already have lost it, what does that mean now?

The organization Students for Sexual Health wants to help students find informed answers to these questions by screening the documentary “How to Lose Your Virginity.” The screening will be held at 8 p.m. Thursday in the Unity Room of the Jackie Gaughan Multicultural Center.

“Well, it’s not a step by step guide on how to lose your virginity,” SSH President Ryan Smith said of the film. “Instead, it’s more of a documentary on the definition of virginity and what it means socially.“

Smith, a senior broadcasting production major, said virginity is something people tend to stress about when in reality they should relax about the topic.

TThe subject has also created double standards for men and women, according to SSH member Matt Gonzalez.

“I believe in certain parts of society there is a stigma attached to virginity,” said Gonzalez, a senior biology major. “Often, there is a positive attitude toward female virgins, while there is a negative attitude toward male virgins.”

Gonzalez added that some people shame women who have had sex before marriage as “sluts,” while others may question the sexuality of men who have not had heterosexual sex.

As if navigating the waters of virginity were not already murky, many people believe there are different types of virginity and virgins.

The trailer for the documentary shows people talking about the different definitions of virginity such as a true virgin (self explanatory), born again virgins (having intercourse at least once and then remaining celibate for a period of time) or being virgins in the sense they have had oral sex but not intercourse.

“How to Lose Your Virginity” is SSH’s first showing of the year, but the group plans to show films about sexual topics at least once a month throughout the semester.

Smith said the title, “How to Lose Your Virginity,” is a good title to grab people’s attention, but the title has also turned some people off.

SSH members said shortly after they put up fliers for the film, some of them were taken down by unknown individuals.

Still, SSH hopes the film will prompt open and honest conversations among students from various view points and backgrounds about the topic of virginity.

Smith said that before and after the film, he will facilitate discussions with the audience.

Gonzalez agreed that the film will promote much-needed conversations.

“This film should raise questions among students about their own concept of virginity,” Gonzalez said, “and how being a virgin or not being a virgin effects some people’s attitude towards them.”

SSH encourages those that want more information about the films and SSH, to check out their Facebook page, UNL Students for Sexual Health.

If you go:

When – 8 p.m.

Where – Jackie Gaughan Multicultural Center, Unity Room

More information – Discussion will take place before and after the film.